Home Automation in UAE

Home Automation In UAE

We speak to our friends & family daily, they understand us & respond back to us.
What if your home could do the same? What if you could be anywhere in the world & just by using your smartphone & internet connection you can be sure your family is safe? What if you could ask your home to turn on the AC for you and it did? Won't it be amazing?

Well, there is no "what if's" anymore. The new age is here, The age of smart living, The age of intelligent homes that understand you & adapt to your preferences.

At Home Engine Automation we take pride in creating these futuristic automation solutions for our customers. With a wide range of sensors & smart touch panels, we provide luxury living to our customers without compromising on their privacy.

We have now entered alkhaleej center - Mobi Labs to showcase a working model of our wireless products. We encourage our readers to visit us to experience this futuristic technology.

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Visit us @ http://www.homengine.ae/.
If you are a DIY type visit our online store - http://www.homengine.ae/shop_online.aspx
For Customised solutions just call us on - 042952020 / 0554402005


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